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Email Facilities

Powerful & Reliable Email Solutions

POP3 Mailboxes
Unlimited POP3 Mailboxes

Using any standard POP3 compatible mail applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, The Bat! or Ameol, you can send, receive and filter mail locally. There is no size limits on our POP3 mailboxes, although we do impose a 90 day limit on how long you store the messages on our server. If storing them locally on your own computer isn't an option then our IMAP mailboxes are perfect as mail can be stored indefinitely on our mail platform.

IMAP Mailboxes
Unlimited IMAP Mailboxes

Email stored on an IMAP server can be manipulated from a home PC, a workstation at the office, or even your phone, without the need to transfer messages or files back and forth between each computer. As standard we now provide you with the ability to setup unlimited FREE IMAP 100MB mailboxes, and larger options up to 10GB are also available for a small additional annual charge. Enterprise resellers now benefit from IMAP with no additional charges, and optional unlimited storage options.

Mail Forwards
Unlimited Mail Forwarders

Forwarders direct email to either a POP3 / IMAP mailbox, or to an externally hosted email address (eg They provide a great way to setup multiple addresses, but direct them all to one place.

Unlimited Auto-Responders

Set up an immediate response to any incoming mail arriving at your mailbox. You can create an unlimited number of auto-responders per account. These are ideal if you just want to confirm receipt of an email, or perhaps to announce there will be a delay in your response owing to absence from the office.

Group Addresses
Unlimited Group Addresses

A group address provides the facility of one mail address having multiple recipients. Ideal for a sales team where mail is to be routed to more than one people. You can route to a POP3 / IMAP mailbox or an external recipient. There are no limits to the number of group addresses you can setup.

Catch-all Addresses

Catch-all email addresses ensure that you receive email no matter what address it has been sent to. This ensures you receive emails regardless of spelling. The downside being is that spammers can make great use of this sending to and you will receive it.

SMTP Outbound Email
SMTP Outbound Email

Authenticated outbound SMTP is provided as standard. In order to use it a user must authenticate a mailbox username and password. This will allow you to send email regardless of your location or ISP. We even provide alternative port numbers should your ISP impose blocks on the standard port 25.

Spam Filtering

Optional Subscriptions to Rid Your Mailbox of Spam & Viruses

Spam & Virus Filtering
Spam & Virus Filtering

Priced at £20 per annum, per account, our standard spam and virus filter is designed for customers who use our shared email platform. Emails are scanned and either delivered to mailboxes or via the forwarded routes set. Via the control panel the sensitivity and other settings can be managed to tailor the service to your requirements. A 14 day free trial is available as standard. Enterprise resellers now benefit free standard Spam Filtering facilities.

External Spam & Virus Filtering
External Spam & Virus Filtering

Designed for customers who require mail to be scanned and delivered externally (eg to an Exchange server). This service costs £30 per annum per domain. It features similar levels of control over the sensitivity and checks completed. Scanned mail is delivered to the specified server address, however in the event the destination is unavailable, our systems will queue mail for upto 7 days.


Access Email Out of the Office


We provide as standard a modern and secure webmail solution. The webmail is responsive and can be used across a multitude of devices.

Rebrand Webmail
Rebrand Webmail

Clients have the ability to select from a wide range of template designs to meet their needs. As a reseller, you can apply your logo into these templates to reaffirm yourselves as the supplier.

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