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Telecoms Reseller

White Label Line Rntal & Wholesale Calls to Resell

For full comprehensive information about the wholesale telecoms functionality please visit the Telecoms Reseller pages. Everything you see there is included within the All-In-One Enterprise Reseller.

Fully Itemised Calls
  • Design Your Own Tariffs
  • Fully Itemised Billing
  • No Minimum Call Charges
  • Call Connection Fee (optional)
  • Tier 1 Carriers
  • No Third Party Billing Platform Required

Call Features
  • Online Call Records
  • Search / Interrogate Call Records
  • Graphical Statistics
  • Exportable Data Records (calls / lines / broadband / leased lines)
  • Friendly Names
  • Printable Call Records

Line Rental
  • BT Openreach Installed & Supported WLR3 Lines
  • ICUK is Directly Integrated With Openreach
  • Residential & Business PSTN Lines
  • Digital ISDN2 & ISDN30
  • Transfer Existing Phone Lines
  • Install New Phone Lines
  • Move Phone Lines
  • Edit Lines, Features & Locations
  • Deliver Simultaneous Broadband
  • Complete real-time diagnostics
  • Select Fault Appointments
  • Proactive Notifications Via Email
  • Line Rental Cost Calculators

Fraud Protection
  • Around The Clock Monitoring
  • Daily & Monthly Call Alerts
  • Daily & Monthly Auto-Suspend
  • Set Customer Credit Limits
  • Outbound Call Barring

  • Obtain Line Installation Details
  • Find Address & Query Availability
  • Openreach Incident Notifications
  • Competitor Phone Bill Comparison Calculator

API Functionality
  • REST Based API
  • Majority of Telecom Functions Included
  • No Additional Subscription Costs
  • Multi-User Support

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