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Reseller Control

Interfaces Designed to Empower & Inspire

At the heart of ICUK is our Control Panel. This is an in-house developed interface. We started work on this in 2003 and it's been a relentless quest to improve and evolve. We very much welcome feedback from our customers; the ideas they share shape the path of our development team and as a result every month new additions and tweaks will appear.

We encourage you to follow these links to see the interfaces you and your clients can use, and hopefully you can appreciate not only the simplicity of our design, but automated power we are providing to all user types.

Your Main Reseller Account
  • Single interface to manage all our offerings
  • View and manage all users (customers + staff) and services
  • Control web hosting, domains, broadband and telecoms
  • Responsive design allowing you to work on the move
  • No software required, accessible securely via a browser
  • Monthly updates can be expected

Permission Based Access For Your Staff *NEW*
  • Designed for your staff
  • Set permissions to limit visibility
  • Restrict services or access to sensitive data
  • No limits to the number of Reseller Users you can create
  • Their interface looks and feels like the main reseller interface
  • Extensive logging to assist with accountability

What's New?

Latest Updates
See Latest Control Panel Updates

Gain an insight into the latest developments in our reseller and customer control panels. Everything you see has been written by us, with lots of the enhancements a result of feedback we have received for improvements or new additions. Such is the rate of change we aim to release new additions every few weeks.