Reseller Control Panels

Delivering Cntrol to You, Your Staff & End Users

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Delivering Control

Interfaces Designed to Empower Your Team & Customers

Our Reseller Control Panel was born out of our frustrations with existing off-the-shelf solutions that exist in the reseller market. We loathed their inflexibility, and quickly realised that to achieve our goals we needed to develop in-house. The result is this interface which houses all our web hosting, broadband and wholesale telecom solutions together. We are constantly listen to feedback and evolve the design to better meet customer needs.

If you're wondering why we don't have a demo available, this platform is simply too large, and we don't want you missing some of the key stand out facilities. As such we provide you with access to full size screen shots to allow you to get a flavour of the key pages you will interact with daily. If anything isn't clear, you would like features explained or confirmed, then we're a call or phone call away.


Broadband & Leased Lines

Broadband Screenshots


Line Rental, Calls, SMS & Fax

Telecoms Screenshots


Web Hosting & Domains

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